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The major change in this sketch is the way I portrayed the human subject. While the previous sketch focused more on defining the outline of her body, this sketch focuses on the components of the human body and how they interact with each other. This is allows me to give some depth to this sketch. For example, the crook of her right elbow, which was represented by two angled lines in the previous sketch, is clearly has some depth because you can see how the lower arm overlaps with the upper arm, just as you can see how the hand overlaps with the head. I think this was a big jump from the previous sketch, which seemed much flatter.

I also added depth by sketching objects in the background with less detail. The stack of notebooks, for example, is merely a pile of horizontal lines. The photographs on the walls were reduced to rectangles. This focuses the audience's eyes on the subject which was drawn in much greater detail, a feature that was not quite possible in the original photograph (unless I had opened the aperture much wider).

However, I am not a huge fan of how some of the rectangular structures turned out. The drawer, for example, seems to be at a weird angle. The wooden plank on the bottom of the chair also seems to be too acute. I think my next step would be to practice more with the angles between lines.

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