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Open Questions and Challenges:

What questions remain to be addressed or questions about memory did this exploration raise for you. What are the things we should pay attention to/discuss in class for future explorations?

Some suggestions after my presentation were:

  1. "I think there also could be something interesting if the incense candles somehow are transient (similar to real incense candles that burn) and thus these memories also fade occasionally but also come back maybe in a month or so - to discourage wallowing in the memory but still having it for the future."
  2. Think about the gate keepers or "who curates the memories of someone's legacy today? Who takes on this role? How does this integrate with practices in this space?"
  3. "You mentioned the graveyard towards the end. Interesting shift in site. What would the implications for interaction with it be by moving it from an intimate familial context to a public-ish space?"

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