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I feel like I could have pushed myself to come up with a less literally approach to my short term memory. However, this was a bit of an exercise for me to think about what type of customized system do I need for myself. Knowing that sometimes a one size fits all system doesn’t work for everyone, I wanted to explore a project that would allow me to deep dive into my own thought process and remembrance process for better understanding overall. If I could wrap my head around the way I remember, perhaps in future projects I could begin to better understand the pain points or opportunities of others. 

Some questions that still remain for me are...what if these become just another thing collecting dust, never to be used, no habit to be built? An interesting question, which I had thought about, but was reiterated in the feedback you need to continue to make new chips the more tasks you think to remember? I'm not sure, right now. these are some of the main things that I need explicitly spelled out for myself. However, the biggest burning question that remains is that while I used a lot various touch points and IFTTT applets–basically multitasking the workflow–I came out of this wondering am I perpetuating my own short term memory loss?

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