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[Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently?]

It was my first time independently creating a model on Autodesk Fusion 360. Overall, I gained more familiarity with the program and discovering how to bring my ideas into fruition. I realized how important preliminary design and sketches were because the creation of the model on Fusion was surprisingly very simple after having a plan of what I want to make and how I want to do it. I learned how to insert and use SVG files in order to create designs and engravings on my model, and how to create grid-like spaces (rectangular patterning, extrusion). 

If I could do something differently, I would reconsider the type of material I use for printing my utensil holder. Although I knew that the 3D Printer uses PLA, I also considered making this model as a prototype for a final product that will be made out of wood instead. I think that this will complement my bamboo design well, and it will add much more interest and cohesiveness to my design. I will consider next time how I can make this into a prototype instead for actually creating my design out of wood. 

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