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Final Thoughts:

This project was a lot more complicated than I thought because I didn't sit down and plan it out before I started. I had planned on only using the leaf to complete the circuit, but because I didn't think about how to connect the rose to the battery, I had to sew the rose to the stem to clasps which then were connected to the battery. This was all done with conductive thread, so I had to be careful that none of the threads crossed as well. If I were to do this again, I would use fewer, larger petals so that I could incorporate more LEDs that would also be visible. I would also remove either the leaf element or the stem to hide the battery because using both components was redundant. 

This project could be used as a wearable, ie sewn to a shirt if it were made smaller and it would be a cool interactive shirt. It could also be taken off the fabric if the battery pack were sewn directly to the bottom of the rose, which could be a nice gift. 

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