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My proposal for this project is to create a sewn wearable LED display that can be programmed and taken on or off easily without being permanently attached to your clothing. I would ideally like it to be able to change colors, and also have some simple interactive component to it that could allow it to cycle through different modes or animations. As someone with a background in physical computing, I am interested to see what can be done with soft computation and how well these flexible materials lend themselves to programmable outputs. I have seen microcontrollers like the Teensy, the Photon, or even adafruit's sewable Gemma boards, but most LEDs I've seen used in fabrics are single LEDs placed in specific locations to light up certain parts of images or add some excitement to a sewn pattern or artwork. I think it is valuable to look at the LEDs as a kind of screen to display artwork as well, and create a wearable product that could run animations or even GIFs in this flexible, almost sprite-based format.

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