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Open Questions and Challenges

The main question and open challenge that this prototype leaves open is the lifecycle of the picture frame itself. As we were developing the critical design video, we realized that for a while after a break up, a person would realistically still keep a picture of them with their ex-partner. However, eventually, when the person has moved on, they would realistically no longer have that picture displayed anymore. In that case, would this picture frame be kept away - in an attic somewhere to be forgotten? Or, just as how our user was given this picture frame in our design video, would our user give away this picture frame to another friend to aid them in their breakup? 

Additionally, there is also an open question of how to push the form of the iron particle sculpture. While we explored a single mass of magnetic particles that was meant to occlude the picture frame, we could potentially explore the interaction between two magnets, where one might pull away from the other, or even more complex interactions with arrays of magnets. 

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