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To demonstrate our concept, we assembled the kit required to use the Printer for Broken Relationships for art therapy. The kit contains the Printer, letter-sized acetate sheets, alcohol-based markers, a frame, an SD card for file transfer, and an instructional brochure explaining the contents, purpose, and methods of use.

We created a mockup of the printer itself, using the laser cutter to create its exterior "shell." We also constructed the clear acrylic picture frame to display the final artwork, and wrote and designed the instructional brochure. Ready-made components were sourced from our own belongings and the campus art store.

Using a song with personal history provided by Philip, we performed a demonstration (seen in the concept video below). Digitally mocked up images of iteratively distorted sound waves were printed sequentially on the acetate sheets. Philip then selected one of the distorted images and used the markers to create a drawing working through his feelings about the relationship, placing the resulting framed drawing in a prominent place in his home.

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