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We chose to focus on non-romantic relationships - specifically those between grandparents & children. This ended up limiting us in the ways we could ask for inputs & ways we could represent outputs. For this reason, we wanted to keep the input as natural as possible, which is why we chose to have users physically blow into it, rather than a button, etc. As such, it was interesting exploring the various methods we could have used for this initially - during brainstorming we ended up touching on everything from some form of tactile input such as touching tape to using breath. 

Next Steps: If we were to extend this project further, we would probably look at better ways to measure breath, and cleaner ways to generate the bubbles (essentially move to a more hi-fi prototype). We would also try expanding it to more than 2 devices - allowing more people to connect at the same time. In addition, we would add in some bonus features. One such feature we were debating was being able to "unlock" bonus bubbles when both users touch their devices simultaneously. Also, we would probably move away from the paper used to complete the circuit when blown upon - we found this to be an unreliable way to complete the circuit. 

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