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Aesthetic + Inspiration

There are two sources of inspiration I used:


My first inspiration source is a multi-function pencil box. It is approximately the size of the average pencil box but can be opened in many ways. This allows it to have many sliding compartments. These kind of pencil boxes use clever packaging mechanics to store a lot of stationary into a smaller space.


My second source of inspiration is a car carrier, mainly for how it arranges cars in a very efficient manner. Cars don’t remain flat, parallel to the road surface. Instead, many of them are angled such that the front of the car slots under the back of the car in front of it.

These two sources of inspiration use simple but effective mechanics to pack many things into a small space. A simple design is a quality I wanted to incorporate into my holder.

Regarding aesthetics, the holder should mimic its simple function. Thus, I wanted to have it be a simple rectangle. Since this holder was to fit on top of my Xbox One, I wanted to put the console’s logo on the side of the holder. I also would paint it black to match the console’s color.

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