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Process + Procedure

1. The first step is to identify on what are the dimensions based around. I will be using a small wallet and an iPhone 5s as a baseline. These two are relatively generic in size, allowing the holder to be suitable to hold more than just these specific items.

2. Once the dimensions are decided, I used Fusion 360 to design the component. A high-level view of the steps taken are listed below:

a. Draw a rectangle and extrude it

b. Draw 2 construction lines separating the 3 sections – front, middle and rear

c. For the front section, make a simple rectangular cutout.

d. For the middle section, make a large rectangular cutout and draw a crossbeam that is a little off-center; it is closer to the rear section than the front section

e. the rear section should have two deep but narrow pencil/pen holders and a small deep cut-out for charging cables.

f. Import a picture of the Xbox logo and using splines, draw the logo on the side of the holder. Write “XB1” next to it.

3. Once the CAD process was completed, I saved the file in the STL format and sent it to NVBOTS for printing. 14 hours later, I picked up the part

4. The supporting material was cut off and the holder is completed. 

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