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I again struggled with the sculpt environment in Fusion 360 (I had to manually add faces after lofting, which was annoying). The joints definitely required a lot of testing to be decent and I'm glad that I left a lot of time to adjust them. I was pretty surprised that the 3D printed joints didn't work (maybe now with the Ultimakers, I could 3D print joints?), but I think changing to laser cutting helped speed up the final process.

If I were to do another iteration of this project, I would polish both the model and the physical product more. I was very worried about the assembly and if the figurine would be able to stand, so I didn't bother with painting/otherwise finishing the result. I think that sanding parts which I meant to glue would make the bond stronger/faster and reduce the size of the seams (like the center one). I also think that the acrylic may have expanded from the lasercutting while I was working with it (joints were pretty tight when I assembled it, but some seem looser already), so I would try to be more mindful of leaving time between the finished cut and assembly/testing for dowel width. I would also want to try a different material for the pin, since the dowel width is inconsistent and I had discovered that even .1mm makes a big difference in fit.

Overall, I'm very happy to have succeeded in this personal project to add to my collection of Sinosaurus items. I would also like to thank Professor Larson for all of her support during this class, which was an amazing class to learn/experiment with different tools!

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