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My intention going into this was to create something movable with either 3D-printing or laser cutting! With all that was going on in my week I thought 3D-printing would make my life easier, cause all I would have to do was send it off to print. But then I realized that with laser cutting I could end up with a nicer, more polished product, and that I would probably have more fun doing it. I decided to do something box-ish, cause I knew I could laser cut that. I thought about how I have a bunch of rings and earrings that I basically keep in a plastic bag, and thought it would be neat to give them a nicer home. 

Research and Context

With the wonderful help of Elizabeth Larson I found many sources of inspiration (shown below). She spoke to me about the cool ways you join side of boxes, using almost a puzzle methodology (which I found pretty satisfying to actually implement). With a rough idea in my head of how large I wanted the box to be, knowing I wanted one shelf with a lid on top and one drawer,  went straight to Fusion.

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