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Process and Procedure

My process was essentially creating the the two sides, back, front, bottom, drawer, then lid, in that order, in Fusion 360. I used a lot of the combine and cut tool in order to make the puzzle like structure to join the various sides, and I used a lot of mirroring, so that I wouldn't have to do overly repetitive steps. When it came to laser cutting, I actually had to make some test cuts on my 6 mm plywood because I found that the settings written near the laser cutter weren't doing it for the plywood. I also had to redo the lid, because I found that my initial design had it so that the back of the lid wasn't allowing for the lid to open all of the way. I also had to create some circular pieces to fit around the edges of the places where the lid would turn, so that they could turn more easily.

Two Renderings

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