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The first thing I did was find the pattern. It was taken out of a book that Olivia had on making small stuffed animal figures. I then printed and cut out the pattern and the felt. The first thing that had to be sewn for the cow were the spot sizes to the side of the body. After that step was complete, I sewed both side pieces to the bottom body piece. Next, I took two pieces of wire and stuck them down the legs, so an upside down "u" shape appeared across the top and bottom legs. I then stuffed the legs using the stuffing. When this was done, I sewed one of the sides to the body top and partially sewed the other. with both sides around the head attached to the body top, I was able to attach the nose by sewing it to the front of the cow. Then I stuffed the front of the cow and continued sewing the side and top together, stuffing as I went. When the entirety of the cow was stuffed and sewn shut, I worked on the ears. First I sewed the gray and pink felt ear pieces together, before folding the horizontal end and attaching that to the head. I then followed suit with the other ear, trying to place them symmetrically on the head of the cow. Then I folded the felt for the tail and sewed it in half. I attached one end of this to the body and through the other end looped embroidery thread around which I later cut to become fringe. I used pins and makeshift eyes.  Most of the hand sewing done was through the form of blanket stitching. 

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