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I learned a lot about how to sew different components together. I struggled a bit in making the cow become 3D and figuring out how much to correctly sew the sides to the top and bottom pieces. I also learned a lot about how to sew smaller components like the ears and the nose. The nose was an especially hard piece because of how small it was, and it definitely came out a little sloppily. I think that if I could redo this project, I might try to do a better job of attaching that to the body. The ears were slightly less difficult, although they were also extremely small. The second ear I attached also came out better, as the stitches where I attached to the body were less visible. I think that overall the project came out well but if I could do it again I would be more mindful of the stitches and try to make them more evenly sized with small spaces in between them. 

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