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Describe what informed your ideas and your outcome? How does your outcome relate to other work in the field? What are the precedent projects?

We reflected on our own funeral rituals (American, Vietnamese, and Korean) and found that feasting is part of all of them. 

We are running out of land and natural resources; meanwhile the earth is overcrowding. We pondered if these signals and trends might be the factor that shifts our mental models around cannibalism. For example, maybe burials will be illegal in the future because we are running out of land. This will cause an increase in alternative burial methods. We've seen alternative burial methods like cremation ashes turned into pencils or rocket fuels. We also see biodegradable burial pods that turns your body into a tree.

Another project that inspires us is Conflict Kitchen. It's a restaurant, but also a reflective and educational space. Conflict Kitchen serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict. On top of the dining aspect, the restaurant also puts on events, performances, and publications, that seek to engage the diner and public in discussions.

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