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Towards the beginning of the project it seemed that our group had many interesting ideas but not sure how to implement in terms of this project. Once we agreed on the smart floor idea, we all seemed to immediately focus on the bad things and not the good aspects.  Doing this in the future, we should really start by thinking of what makes an IoT great and desirable, and then from those reasons see how they can be manipulated into negative aspects. 

We learned a lot from this project because it had a different emphasis than the other projects we have done. It was interesting to move away from the technical aspects and really explore how IoTs can impact our lives, both in positive and negative ways. The video portion of this project was pushed us to get into the user's shoes. The discovery that we had to complete before this assignment were especially useful because it provided different angles to analyze the IoT. It is really interesting to think about how these devices could potentially ruin our lives in various ways. When we think of IoT devices, it is assumed that they are all going to be beneficial and help us in whatever way that they are supposed to. But working on this project proved that wrong. There are many ways that IoT devices can go wrong.  Overall our group worked well together and was able to split up the worked based on some of our strengths. 

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