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The photographer I chose to emulate is Peter Sekaer. Much of his work reflects his work for the government documenting housing projects, slums and public urban housing. While some of his works are still photos of storefronts and houses, many of his other works include movement and speak of the life associated in the slums he visited or the housing projects. He was particularly interested in capturing the human condition or moments of life in his travels.

In regards to his technique, there wasn't a specific technique that I could point out. However, he seems to center focus the subjects of his photographs. The large majority of his photos are outdoors with the exception of a select few. There isn't any particular condition for his photographs except that they are taken during the day. Some photos are darker then others due to the grayer skiers in unfavorable weather conditions such as rain but no matter what the conditions were, he took photos in them. This explains why some of his photos have a softer light to them while other ones have a harsher shadow to them.

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