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Bill of Materials for Prototype

1. Check In System

    a. Sensing Mat

        i. Wires

        ii. Particle Photon

       iii. 4x FSRs

       iv. Resistors

       v. 2x Rubber Sheet

   b. Lock

        i. 1x large hobby servo

        ii. Particle Photon

        iii. 2x 2’x2’ clear acrylic sheet

        iv. Various nuts & bolts

2. ID Card

    a. NFC Chip

    b. Particle Photon

    c. Rubber

3. Children’s Clip

    a. NFC Chip

    b. Particle Photon

    c. 2x Neodymium Magnets

    d. Capo

    e. Cable ties

    f. Clay

    g. Rubber 

    h. Paper clip 

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