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[Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently?]

My main intention was making a clock that I can see from multiple directions. I think I reflected the intention well by introducing mirrored materials. I can tell I did pretty good in the selection of material. I am able to look the time in front, side, and back of the clock through mirrors. Also, I have learned a new skill of using the Slicer. Trying it was pretty fun and I think I can utilize it in the future in the different project. On the other hand, when I completed making the clock, I have found out that the color combination could be better. I have realized that I need to make a plan for color in the first place. In addition, I used glues, and it left some stains on the clear acrylic. If I were more careful to use glues, it would not be stained at all. Lastly, I needed to make the size of the clock bigger. When I see the clock through the front mirror, I am able to see the time, but it looks too small, and thus, it is a little difficult to look at it from far away.     

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