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In a futuristic world, we envision a community in which members of a neighborhood are motivated to share resources, time, and accomplishments with each other. We introduce 3 connected devices which track and encourage neighborhood contributions to a community garden. The first is a plant monitor that tracks who cares for a plant, and what chores were completed (watering, weeding). It publishes tweets to the community twitter to notify neighbors of recent activity as well as activity that needs to be done. The second is a compost bin that similarly posts to Twitter about information relating to the bin (amount of compost, when it needs to be stirred). The information on the Twitter is picked up by the third device, a community scoreboard. The scoreboard is a public display to the whole community about the progress of the garden and contributions to the compost pile. It encourages collaboration and celebration of the sharing of resources and effort.

Centered around community-building, our triptych of objects form a system to support a low cost solution to a long term problem: a community garden.

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