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Aesthetic & Inspiration

I was inspired by not only ALittleSlow's method of "fast release," but also how they created multiple options for earbud wrapping by putting simple slots around all the edges of the holder. I thought my headphone holder would also benefit from creating multiple directions and ways to wrap earbuds, so that I do it that much faster.

I came up with a circular shape soon after. Earbuds, even when wrapped, can slip easily off a convex surface without having to be unwound--unlike a convex shape, like the right side of the headphone holder pictured above, which holds the earbuds in place. On top of that, a circular holder will fit easier into my pocket with catching on anything or stabbing me in the leg.

After sketching the circular holder with four different slots, I realized that it reminded me of a sand dollar. I had been thinking of maybe giving it a flower design before that, but I liked the sand dollar aesthetic better, since it incorporates the existing shape and design. I used the sand dollar picture below as the basis for my final design.

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