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Process & Procedure

Before I started modeling in Fusion 360, I wanted to make a simple prototype out of cardboard to make sure that my wrapper idea would work without having to wait to 3D print it. Early on, I tried wrapping my headphones around the closest thing to my design at hand--a small tape measure--and the cords kept slipping off as I wrapped it. I made a cardboard prototype to see if changing the texture of the object, from a slick metal to a rough cardboard, would help keep the cords in place.

I found that while the rougher surface helped, the cords still kept slipping off, and I had to hold them in place while I wrapped the earbuds, which was difficult. So, I added two additional slots to hold the top of the earbuds in place while I wrap. I also realized that the cord slots would have to be exactly the width of the cords--or smaller--to effectively hold them in place, so I measured their width with a pair of calipers. At the widest, the headphone cords are approximately 2 mm wide, so that's how wide I made the slots.

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