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I'm fairly proud of my final product. The 3D printed object looks almost exactly like its model, save for a few seams from the printing process, and it holds my headphones as expected. I can, in fact, easily slip the headphones off the circular shape without having to unwind it (except for the end of the cord holding the earbuds in place). It fits nicely in my hand and I can slip it into my pocket easily.

It doesn't look very nice--there are visible lines, seams, and gaps from the printing. The holder could use some sanding and painting to finish it. And, unfortunately, it doesn't actually solve the problem of keeping my earbuds untangled, and of not having to wrap them to store them. When I slide the earbuds off the holder, they're still tangled. But this isn't a problem that the industry has been able to solve either--so I don't feel too bad about not being able to solve it myself.

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