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I decided to look at Warhol's Coca-Cola bottle because I felt it was a very big part of the start of the pop art movement and still is very relevant today. I did some research to determine the most massed produced object today, and was surprised to find Coca-Cola still in the top 5 on a list.  Then I felt that this showed not just how consumerism took over our lives, but also how strong a role it continues to present.  This made me decided to create a similar rendition of the modern coke bottle because overall the look has changed very little, just as our dependence on mass production hasn't changed much either. Overall I found it very hard to replicate Warhol's industrial style because I found it hard to get the sharp edges he does in his version, while still maintain the printed style that makes the original so interesting. It was fun to look at a Coke bottle in a different light though.

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