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// This value will store the last time we published an event
long lastPublishedAt = 0;
// this is the time delay before we should publish a new event
// from this device
int publishAfter = 10000;

int location1 = D4;
int location2 = D6;

String color = "";

void setup()

Particle.function("flashToggle1", flashToggle);

Particle.function("lostBrello", lostBrello);

  // vibrator actions
  pinMode( location1, OUTPUT );
  digitalWrite( location1, LOW);

  pinMode( location2, OUTPUT );
  digitalWrite( location2, LOW);
  // button actions
  Particle.subscribe(  "diot/2018/brello/umbrella_status" , handleSharedEvent);

void loop()

int flashToggle(String command) {

    Particle.publish("diot/2018/brello/umbrella_status", command);

      return 1;

int lostBrello(String command) {
return 1;

// Our event handlde requires two bits of information
// This gives us:
// A character array that consists of the event name
// A character array that contains the data published in the event we're responding to.
void handleSharedEvent(const char *event, const char *data)

  Serial.println("handle event");
    String umbrella_status = String( event );
    String update = String( data ); // convert to a string object

void updateStatus(const char* getData) {


  if ((String)getData == "returned") {
  digitalWrite( location1, LOW);
  digitalWrite( location2, HIGH);
  color = "green";
  else if ((String)getData == "taken") {
    digitalWrite( location1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite( location2, LOW);
    color = "red";


// FUNCTION THAT takes info from rfid scanner and turns
//LED green or blue
// update variable that controls rgb values
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