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Step 1: Outer Casing

Before we get into the wiring, lets take a look at the outer casing that will be housing your keyboard. While you can purchase aluminum, wood, plastic, or acrylic cases online. If you have access to a laser cutter it is much cheaper to build your own sandwich case. A sandwich case has 4-5 different layers that you laser cut out of thin wood or acrylic and screw together. While you can use CAD software to make a more custom design, there is a great tool online that does all the work for you. 

Below are the settings for a standard 60% layout with cherry mx switches. If you were to choose to go with another layout, click the KLE in blue and it will take you to another website where you can click the preset drop down menu to select the layout you prefer. You then will need to click raw data and paste it into the plate layout box on the case building website.

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