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With all the signals we found in the present time, we started to see a future world in 2045 where:

  • Recording and sharing technologies for digital immersive experiences are mature and ubiquitous;
  • Everyone becomes both producers and consumers of memory products;
  • The commercial value of "personal experience" is widely accepted and a new economy model has emerged;
  • The most popular content on social media is no longer videos or images, but experiences.

Based on this future vision, we created a timeline to highlight major milestones that will occur as the current world is transforming to this future world. We also created a persona called Eddie and reconstructed three snapshots in his life as lifestory instances following this timeline. When you are experiencing Eddie’s life moments in this exhibition, we invite you to consider the following questions:

  • What happens when simulated reality becomes your entire reality and memories? Are others’ experiences equally valuable to you? Is the totality of experience important?
  • What are the values of experiences? Can you achieve happiness in life via living through others’ experiences
  • Who will choose to live in simulated reality? Who will benefit from consuming simulated experiences? Who will receive the repercussion?
  • Who will live in the physical reality? Why would they choose to do so?
  • What is the definition of privacy in 2045? What are people’s attitude towards personal data?

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