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Project Description

Message is a digital platform for Google and its employees to communicate with its local context. Using Google Translate as a means of diversifying the potential audience of its messages, employees may input their desired message which is then translated into many languages and shown on screens both inside the bridge and on the outside of the bridge. In this manner, Google employees looking for a quick break from work can communicate messages in many languages to not only their own colleagues, but also the passersby below moving along Penn Ave. Messages can vary from fun tests (ex. “Hello Pittsburgh!”) to more serious warnings (ex. “Stay hydrated!”) and can teach a bit of other languages to people along the way. When Google employees are not actively inputting their own messages, the program is intended to scan through Google News to find news relevant to Pittsburgh to convey to the company and the context. These articles are converted into more simple messages to be projected to employees and passersby (ex. “Flood warning!”). Ultimately, the project strives to convert the bridge into a celebration of language and communication, emphasizing the diversity of the office and of Pittsburgh while allowing for people just passing through, passing by, or watching to catch a glimpse of cool and interesting languages.

User Experience

Google employees may interact with a device (ex. tablet or computer) to input a message which is then translated using a program then shown along the bridge interior (and exterior) in many different languages. Employees that are too busy may walk past the exhibit, and employees that just want to watch may do so as well. Outside the office along Penn Ave, pedestrians, drivers, and people sitting in the street can view news and messages on large screens in a variety of languages. 

Bill of Materials

~106 Large screens (assuming ~85’ on each side of bridge of length and ~35’ height of bridge with screens of dimensions 7’ X 4’) at ~$4000 each

Couple of tablets/computers ~$300-$3000 each

Lots of wires, extension cords, and power strips ~$500? (unsure)

Structure for the screens ~$2000? (unsure)

Some informal seating (ex. Beanbags, chairs, etc.) ~$50-$200 each

Render of Bridge Exterior & Sketch of Bridge Interior

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