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What is it?

Emoji Wall is an interactive installation that detects and responds to the emotion of people within and around the tunnel. The installation detects people’s emotion by extracting text from social media and capturing passer-bys’ facial expression with cameras deployed in the tunnel.. The emotion information is analyzed by tensorflow and translated into emotional emojis projected to the glass wall of the tunnel which can be seen from inside and outside.

How does it fulfill all of the Design Requirements?

People pass by the tunnel can turn emoji projected on the wall into a smiley face by smiling to the camera. As the wall of tunnel is transparent, the smiley emoji can be seen from the outside. It is a joyous experience for users to share happiness to a public view. The installation can be interacted passively. The camera located in the tunnel recognizes and traces user’s faces. User can choose to be involved with the installation by looking at the camera. If user is in a hurry, s/he can just walk through without getting interrupted by the camera. The interactive installation turns the tunnel into a space where employees can stay and have a break from work. Employees can either observe the mood of the neighborhood by watching the changing emojis or project his/her emotion onto the wall by facing the camera and making facial expression. As the emojis are projected to the glass wall, the installation can be viewed from both inside the tunnel and outside on the street below.

User experience

Users enter the tunnel and notice emojis projected on the glass wall. The dynamically changing emojis hint users that the installation is interactive. As users walk further, he/she will notice that a camera is looking around to track human face. If the user makes a smiley face, he/she will see the emojis on the wall changes according to his/her facial expression.

Material List:

Image Capture:

4x Raspberry Pi Cameras

4x Stepper Motor

Local Computing:

4x Raspberry Pi 3

4x Power Adapter


4x Projector

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