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What is it?

Traffic Push is an interactive installation on the 5th floor (with displays on 4th and 5th) of the pedestrian bridge which allows for passive interaction by providing a visual of google maps traffic data abstracted into slow moving animation. The play mode allows you to actively gesture to manipulate this animation.

Bill of Materials

Google Home

[motion sensor] Nest Indoor Home Security Camera or Kinect (?)

Solar Powered Smart Glass

Signage with instructions

How does it fulfill all of the Design Requirements?

Integrate Google technologies or data

Google Home is used to switch between 3 different modes, play, on, and off. Google Maps live traffic data is integrated to inform the overall display. The on mode uses the default setting where the screen shows abstracted live traffic. The play mode allows for gestures to manipulate the animation. The off mode turns off the display and all sensors.

Creates a joyous experience for those passing through

Allow for “passive” interaction -- just walk through and observe

Gives employees a break from work if they want it -- move your hands or body in space to move what’s on the screen

Don’t be obtrusive for those in a hurry -- clearly mark an area for movement that doesn’t interfere with the walkway

Experienced from both inside the tunnel and outside on the street below -- The street view can see the default animations and the modified animations.

User Experience

The user can decide to connect with the architecture by walking to the lounge side of the pedestrian bridge. Here in a designated area they can move their limbs and body which are sensed by the [motion sensor]. While capturing this motion, the display updates accordingly to show displaced animations.

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