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The video starts with a phone ringing, so I would want to use a phone noise found from online or from a logic loop, or maybe a soft flute or other soft, high noise that gradually gets louder and introduces a beat which also gradually increases in volume and tempo as the suspense picks up in the beginning throughout the phone call. A brief stop in music will be synced with Peggy slashing out her note, and will segue into the next scene in the car.

The scene starting in the car will probably start with a soft melody that loops. I would like to use a melody that is reminiscent of this time period (1940's-1950's) and will be modeled on songs of that era. When we first see the men, the suspense increases. I will probably introduce a drumbeat here and change the melody to be slightly disharmonious to signify suspense or danger.

When Peggy starts talking to the men, that will be the start of the build for the climax, which happens at the end of the video. The climax hits it's peak when she punches the first man, and continues until the very end, when the second man is kicked through the window. Because this is a trailer the abrupt ending to the music is fitting, because it doesn't have closure and entices viewers to watch the full show.

I also want to synchronize some sort of added sound when we focus on the man at the desk yawning, but I have yet to decide what that would be.

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