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A projector mounted on the patio overhang is directed towards the water feature on the opposite side of the garden. Projection mapping is used to match the light to the shape of the garden. Because the light is projected at an angle, some light is reflected onto the bamboo backdrop, illuminating the section of the garden. 

The design makes use of the relatively clear space in the center of the garden. The triad of planters essentially functions as a color selector, using inputs from proximity sensors on each planter to set red, green, and blue color values, corresponding to a color on the RGB color scale.  This allows visitors to control the color of the projection while simultaneously exploring the space. If there is no input from the proximity sensors, the projection color will return to a default setting. 

Flex sensors attached to the bamboo offshoots sense the bending of the stems in the wind and use this information to set the volumetric flow rate of water into the pool. The flow rate affects the sound of the water feature, as well as the amount of disruption in the water, which changes the way the projection is reflected, thus creating dynamic light patterns on the bamboo. 

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