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One of the things that stood out to me the most was Warhol's belief that everyone would get their "15 minutes of fame" eventually. I thought about what he had meant by that and his famous Campbell's Soup pop art came to mind. While most people are familiar with Campbell's Soup "famous" is not a word I think they would have associated with the object. By creating his pop art piece on the Subject, he almost threw it into the limelight by putting it out there and giving everyone a chance to look at it with a new attitude.

In that way, I chose to use myself as the subject to give myself my own "15 minutes of fame". By uploading this on the class gallery, everyone will have a chance to view it, criticize it, form an opinion of it - in other words - the subject (myself) will have permeated their thoughts for some time, even if it is only for a brief moment.

The second Inspiration for this piece obviously comes from Warhol's Pop Art style. We had discussed in class how photo filters that we use today is almost similar to what Warhol was essentially doing - by taking an already existing object or piece of art - and rebranding it in a different style and calling it your own. 


First, I took a photo of myself using the PhotoBooth application found on Mac machines. 

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