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For my musical piece I've chosen the song "Severus and Stone" by Radical Face. You can find it here (lyrics in description):

This is an outline of a short film I would imagine going along with the music:

0: intro

0.21: winter treetops against overcast white sky. pan to snow drifted against them at the base of each trunk, howling wind blowing wisps of it through the air.

0.44: someone in a firelit cabin loads logs into woodburning stove. door and windows rattle with each gust of wind.

1.00: a boy lies sick in bed. pale, thin, sleeping restlessly with uneven breaths.

1.13: younger brother in the bed across the room lies awake worried about him. pan to candle on the table between them, a small clock. pan to snow blowing outside windows, frost creeps across them as darkness falls within room (candle burns down). pan back to sick brother, now still; clock at "just after midnight."

2.06: sick brother opens eyes calmly, looks around a bit and rises. "severed rings" appear around his head: several concentric circles of ghostly light slowly rotating behind him like a saint's halo in old paintings. he smoothly climbs out of bed, and there's a shot of his feet not quite touching the floor as he walks out of the room.

2.27: young brother's eyes spring open anxiously. he looks to the door, which is ajar, and there's a series of quick, short shots: young brother's feet hitting floor as he jumps out of bed, he throws open the door of the cabin, he stumbles into the woods outside.

2.49: flashes between younger brother running through forest, trees whipping past, snow flying with each footfall; and sick brother, who places his hands on a snow-covered tree with a forked trunk, slips up to sit in the crook, spreads arms out along branches to hold on as wind picks up even more, and speaks his lines (quietly, as if to himself, eyes downcast, but then raising them with a smile at the end) while snow gradually blurs out any sign of him.

3.11: closeup of younger brother's pale, cold face as he wakes up, then shot to show he's got the blanket from his bed clutched around him but is curled in the front yard just off the porch of the cabin. Shot of the blue sky; then his profile rises into it as he stands up; he turns slightly towards the doorway, in shock; then he looks out at the woods, numb.

3.39: shot zooms out and up, looking down at the brother from above, showing clearing around house, gently spinning until it's looking out over woods in front of house. pans over it, a footprint trail in the snow comes into view, and camera follows it to a tree like the one the other brother climbed in the dream. both brothers are sitting in the branches with their backs to camera, looking out over a view we can't see.

The song obviously has a strong narrative already. Since there's only a couple days to finish this composition, a video is probably unrealistic, so I have some decisions to make about how best to represent it with something more simple. A short comic in simple style (like Maus) might be feasible, or I could make one elaborate image similar to the one below, with the sick brother as the central (Christ) figure and halos behind him, snow-covered trees to either side, and his brother in the snow below.

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