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Our project is established on the idea of showcasing Pittsburgh's vibrant technological scene while also respecting its industrial legacy.

We intend to accomplish this through an installation that merges these sentiments into corporeal experience. Our solution? Introducing Alyu, a series of carefully placed four by two meter blocks. Inspired by Studio Drift's Coded Nature project, Alyu's borders are made of rusted steel recycled from Carries Furnace, the remnants of the last standing steel blast furnaces in Pittsburgh. While the exterior might be rustic and reminiscent of antiquated days, the interior represents Pittsburgh's vibrant future. Within the tainted acrylic panels that cover the outside is an LED array. These LED's light up in a soothing pattern that signifies both Pittsburgh's reputation as a city of down to earth "yinzers" (a word used to identify Pittburgh natives and their traditions) and Pittsburgh's many rivers and bridges. As the day goes on and the sun sets, the LED's gradually brighten while the rustic exterior fades. This comes to represent the new overtaking the old.

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