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Pop art and television have always been pretty close, as we saw in the documentary on Andy Warhol, but finding something similar to what I have in mind has been rather difficult. Lots of criticism of television culture can be found in comic strips and the like, but I'm having trouble finding it in fine art. This could possibly be because it's a tad cliché, but it's possible I could try to use that to my advantage.

It seems Banksy has done something with similar ideas, however. Per feedback, I looked into Bill Viola, but his work all seemed very religion based, which I wanted to move away from slightly as I felt it was overpowering what I was really trying to talk about. I also had to do some research to decide on colors for the second round of compositions, where I found a number of articles about "drunk tank pink" being a calm or pacifying color. I found this surprising as pink is basically a shade of red.

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