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There are three things I would like to do moving forward with this project. The first is to simply clean up this character model. unlike the wool that I was using for the shapes, the wool for the character to maintain long strands on its surface even when it was relatively well worked with the felting needle. I have researched several ways to do this which range anywhere using a smaller felting needle to trimming the excess fibers with scissors to actually shaving it with a razor. this will definitely be my next step in my process. The second thing I would like to do is to create another character/creature in the same style as this one and see if I am able to continue generating character ideas while felting or if this was a unique circumstance. This is what will put this method of character sketching to the test. Lastly, I want to see what the character looks like translated into another medium. I am planning on doing some animated sprite work  to attempt to begin giving the character life outside of the felted model. 

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