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After gaining some experience working with the medium, I decided to attempt to create an original character using felting. First, I went to Ideate to pick up some felt for the project. Because a large about of the felt that was available was green or brown, I decided to let these colors drive the color palette for the character. This color palette lead me to want to create something that took some ques from plants/vines. This idea showed up strongest in the characters arms as I decided to make them reminiscent of intertwining  vines. I also knew that I wanted the head to be almost mask like. With only those points I began felting, slowly molding the character into existence. I started by making the arm pieces, then I began work on the head, then the body which was comprised of three parts. Lastly, I experimented with the facial features until I had something I liked.  This character was the final result. 

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