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October is here, which means, we are only a couple weeks away from the best night of the year, Halloween!

What’s more fun and impressive than making your own costume, right? So for my proposal, I wanted to investigate a project that can make me the king of the party. While searching online for ideas, I came across a lot of projects that incorporate sewable LEDs and fabric to create pieces of clothing that can “dance with the music”.

Unfortunately, just wearing the piece of cloth with LEDs on to party didn’t quite cut it for me so looked for a way to raise the bar with my costume. To spice things up, I turned to another hobby of mine which is definitely a good source for Halloween costume ideas, comics!

Which comic book hero has a lot of electronics on and still looks cool? Iron Man, of course.

So my proposed project is as follows: To create an Iron Man t-shirt with a programmable LED strip to spice up the “arc reactor” located on Iron Man's chest using Adafruit’s Trinket microcontroller and NeoPixel LED strips. The design will require a microphone integrated into the circuit to create movement in-synch with the music on the LED strips. I really believe this can be a good chance to showcase the skills I’ve acquired during this semester’s Soft Fabrication Skills class.

So let’s how we can make complete such a project without asking J.A.R.V.I.S.

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