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Process and Procedure:

I believe in the philosophy of having a good state of mind at the start and the end of the day, to be productive with my work. As I take care of my dental hygiene the first thing in the morning and just before I hit the bed at night, I wanted to create something that would make me smile or leave me happy. As a huge Harry Potter(HP) fan, I decided to go with a HP themed holder.

I wanted to use the concept creatively to model a holder which would do justice to my requirements while ensuring that it looks aesthetically nice. Upon browsing, I figured that the Deathly Hallows symbol would be a perfect kind of symmetry that would allow me to segregate my dental kit as well as remind me of my favorite series.

The Deathly Hallows symbol consists of a circle inscribed within a triangle, with a line passing through the apex of the triangle to its base.   The idea is for the cylinder to hold  toothpaste tube whereas the other spaces would be used for holding toothbrushes.

While modelling in AutoCAD Fusion 360, I build a 2cm deep solid triangular base, and then had a hollow fill for the rest of the body. I used the draft tool to raise the apex of the upper face so that the design is clearly visible. Furthermore, I modified the edges of the circle, the base, the triangle and the line using the Fillet and Chamfer modification tools.

The smaller stand in the picture is the result of a stalled printing job due to a maintenance problem encountered in the 3D printing machine (NVBot). The full stand is the prototype that I had designed.

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