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My goal is to create a sequence or set of images based on these silhouettes. Initially I wanted to create a set of three separate works to serve as different stages in the daughter's life but instead I think I want to create a longer single composition so it will give the impression that the daughter is dancing with her father from one stage to another.

I'm a bit hesitant about working in color because it adds another element of complexity to the project and also because personally I'm not very adept with color theory. 

However, if I were to work with color, I've always been fascinated with minimalist Disney posters that I've come across on tumblr. Here are a few examples:

If working with color, I want to create a gradient from more pastel/childish colors in the background to heavy tones in the ends. The gradient will add to that idea of transitioning between different stages in the daughter's life. If I decide not to work with color, I would probably add more details to the silhouettes, similar to the following:

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