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Guest Experience

The installation flows throughout the airport, culminating in the atrium space as the render above depicts. People coming to the Pittsburgh International Airport have a succinct goal to get to their destination, and usually hope to do so as soon as possible. Crystal Tributaries stops these people in their tracks, allowing them to admire the unique and expressive view. The tributaries guide people to their gates, drawing awe as they dwell on their experiences in Pittsburgh, by the rivers, where light meets ground meets water. 

We also recognize that being at the airport is often a waiting game. We chose to envision this installation following a visitor throughout their journey up until their gate. This gives them a visual cue to reflect on their experiences as they wait to take off. 

With its distinctive form and reflective function, Crystal Tributaries is a summary of Pittsburgh today - still a product of its placing, but now a hub for art, technology, and their intersections. 

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