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Bridging the Digital & Physical

The installation is comprised of two main parts: the generative light-work and its physical housing. 

The light animation we've developed is suggestive of Pittsburgh's three rivers, a trait very identifiable to the city. Our color palette of deep blue, pale white, and pink promote a calming presence while also harmonizing with the terminal's existing blue, white and red interior. The pace of our animation is slow and steady with peak points of change in color and motion to build upon the rather irregularness of a river's flow. 

Our installation's physical housing is located between the terminal's two main trusses. It consists of rows of thin individual housing for every strand of our addressable LEDs. While their lengths remain consistent, the change in their heights, among and throughout each house, accumulate to an abstract, representative display of the three river's topography When a visitor looks up from underneath they are reminded of one of Pittsburgh's most unique physical landmarks. The vertical alignment of these "light beams" follow the orientation of the terminal's steel decking.

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