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The installation itself consists of a secondary formwork that attaches to the existing structural truss and reimagines its outward formal appearance. The external structure is covered in translucent fabric, which diffuses the light of the LED's attached on the interior into a pleasant, calming display of gradient color.

The generative animation is a figural representative of a sunset, travelling across the slit from east to west. The installation recreates the consistently stunning Pittsburgh sunsets and extends their life throughout the night, so that all travelers can experience the calming and meditative effect of watching the sun set. The colors of the animation were carefully chosen through testing of the manifestation of the RGB values on our difficult programmable LEDs. 

Instead of using the lighting to catch people's attention with rapidly shifting colors, we opted for a more subtle approach. The unorthodox formwork will unobtrusively cause people to look up, and appreciate the slow meditative effect of the light on the piece. 

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