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    I travel frequently to events where I need a large makeup kit, but have never found ones suited to my specific needs. Most travel cases are either too large and resemble a wheeled suitcase, or are too small and will not fit all of the items I need, particularly eye shadow palettes and false eyelash cases. My makeup brushes are also frequently dirtied by the random places they end up in storage. Currently I store my makeup in two main boxes with stackable, click-in layers, but this is still not enough space and I resort to putting the rest in bags, which can result in damage. I wanted to create a case made for my particular needs with four layers - the bottom for eye shadow palettes, brushes, and eyelashes; the next layer for prep steps (face wash, moisturizer, primer) and base makeup; the third layer for lip products, highlighter, and glitter; and the final top layer for contour palettes and other flat items too large to stand upright in the first layer. This would allow me to fit everything into one convenient location without the concern of misplacing or forgetting any items.

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