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I do not currently have a purse as I find fashion bags highly overrated and usually overpriced. However I also like to use things that I feel confident with so I place some importance on the personal fashionability of my wearable belongings; plus I also need a place to keep my phone when I do not have any pockets on me. The participatory culture that has been continuously arising within the 3d printing and laser cutting space is encouraging to novice creators like myself to pursue our own ideas.

In order to combat the constraints of money and personalizable fashion, I am planning on creating a phone purse for less than $15 that satisfies my own personal aesthetic. The money will be spent on materials for securing the purse opening with clasps and creating a black leather strap, while my personal rustic/simplistic aesthetic will be satisfied with the primary use of wood and leather. For my 3d printed design element I am creating a nametag to be secured around the strap of the bag. Due to the fact that the only item I usually ever carry around is a phone, I will only make the bag big enough to fit my phone and the cards that attach to the back of it.

A successful design would mean that I have no hassle putting my phone in and out of the bag, the bag is relatively sturdy, I like the design and comfort of wearing it, and it contains an aura of authenticity and uniqueness.


I first sketched out my first model of the bag and labeled the dimensions.

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