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Process + Procedure

The overall shape of the container was inspired by the natural curves of a snake. The design of the outershell is influenced by my snake‚Äôs name, Huxley. I am also focusing on overall stability of the container when travelling. Normal handles swing too much so I want to create multiple options for hanging and handling. I plan on using cardboard to prototype since it is easy to score to create the curved shapes that I want. I want to also prototype the actual assembly of the parts so I will be cutting out cardboard pieces the way that I will have the final pieces printed or cut.

Modelling Steps:

-First Sketch: Front view of the container and den.

-Extrude these lines out and create thickness.

-Sketch on top surface of extrusion to create the design

-Sketch on side views to create the rest of the design on outershell.

-Extrude these lines to cut into the initial container surface that I made.

-Split into parts that can be 3D printed. 

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