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The Concept

Our concept takes advantage of the fact that people will be in motion as they experience our installation—it is a staircase, after all. We plan to use motion capture from overhead (either through a Kinect or webcam) that will be fed as input into a visualization that will be projected onto a wall of the staircase. The opposing wall will be covered in a reflective surface—Mylar film. A series of frames with reflective and non-reflective surfaces will appear throughout the space in an attempt to break up the open volume.

For the visualization, we're drawing a lot from the strong straight lines present in the stairwell—lines from the handrail to the stairs themselves. These lines will continue up the wall through projection, but unlike the handrail and stairs, are malleable and responsive to the act of walking down (or up. or both?) the stairs.

Although it's feedback in the visualization, it should be clear enough that viewers (walkers?) are able to notice their effect on the lines. There is the potential to incorporate unique colors to each viewer to personalize the experience.

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